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Medical Disposables.

Eurobond Adhesives have a wealth of experience in supplying high performance Vitralit® USP Class VI or ISO10993 approved medical adhesives.

We can offer UV curing adhesives and curing systems as well instant adhesives, potting compounds, coatings and 2-part epoxies. Typical applications include Bonding/Sealing flexible PVC cushion to rigid PVC anaesthesia masks, catheter bag and flexible PVC tube bonding, bonding/sealing of metal and plastic cannulae to flexible winged infusion sets and bonding/sealing of clear polycarbonate or acrylic housings for filters or oxygenators.

Benefits include;

  • USP Class VI Certified
  • Solvent Free & single component
  • Fast curing UV and visible light adhesives
  • Compatible with common sterilization processes
  • Range of viscosities to suit all applications
  • Ideal for both manual and automated processes.
  • UV Light curing systems designed to suit all applications.

One of our technical experts will be happy to visit your business, evaluate your project and offer you the best advice and bonding solution that will help you improve the quality of your finished product, improve your production process and save you time and money.

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