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Electrically Conductive Adhesives

The production of electronic components is becoming increasingly challenging. To keep on trend with consumer demand manufacturers of computers, mobile phones, handheld devices and many other items are demanding ever higher levels of quality and performance whilst the product design and their components gets smaller and smaller. This advance in technology in the electronics sector has been made possible by the development of Elecolit conductive adhesive.  Elecolit is a state-of-the-art, high-tech adhesive. Elecolit high performance adhesives are designed to replace soldered joints, provide RFI/RMI shielding, electrically conductive coatings, encapsulation of delicate or sensitive components. Some complex materials such as thin plastic foil RFI Tags or flexible PCB’s cannot be soldered due to their temperature-sensitivity and so Elecolit electrically conductive adhesive or coating could be used as the preferred alternative. Eurobond Adhesives Ltd have been the distributor for world class adhesives manufacturer Panacol GmbH’s electrically conductive adhesives and coatings for over 35 years and have a wealth of experience to call on. To discuss your specific application please call or email our technical team.

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Elecolit® 3653

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Elecolit® 414

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Elecolit® 342 (50g container)

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Elecolit® 336

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Elecolit® 325

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Elecolit® 323

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