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UV Curing Adhesives

Our range of Vitralit® UV curing and visible light curing adhesives are ideally suited for glass, plastic and metal bonding applications. Eurobond Adhesives Limited are recognised as one of the leading suppliers of UV adhesives in the UK and have been distributors for world leading UV adhesives manufacturer Panacol Gmbh for over 34 years.

UV Light curing adhesives are widely used across a broad range of market sectors and include the manufacture of disposable medical devices such as syringe needle bonding, plastic tube & bag sets. Our medical UV adhesives are approved to USP Class VI or ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards. Other applications include splicing and bonding of fibre optic filaments, lens bonding, fabricating acrylic or glass display cases, Retail point of sale products such as shelving units, plynths, awards, trophies, cabinets, signs and decorative artwork.  UV adhesives are also widely used in the glass industry for example, bonding decorative glass bevels to doors and windows, fabricating glass cabinets, glass furniture, awards, trophies, bonding metal trims and hinges to glass doors and panels and so much more.
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Glass Bonding

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Plastic Bonding

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