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Structural Adhesives

Penloc GTi Clear 2-Part, Fast Curing Structural Adhesive 50ml Kit

£26.95 ex vat

The complete kit includes 1 x Penloc GTi Clear 50ml structural adhesive cartridge, 1 x applicator gun for 50ml cartridges, 3 x mixer nozzles, 1 x abrasive pad.

SKU: EOME00057



Penloc GTi Clear is a 2-part fast curing (5 mins) clear structural adhesive ideally suited for bonding materials where an invisible bond line is preferable. Penloc GTi Clear will tolerate -55°C to +125°C. It will bond almost any material combination*. Perfect for bonding glass or clear plastics, metals, stone, composite materials, wood and much more. The mixed material is an off white colour when laid down as a bead of adhesive. When clamped between two clear surfaces for one hour the adhesive turns clear.  

*Will not bond low surface energy materials such as PP, PE, PTFE, Silicone and Nylon. Penloc GTi Clear is available in 50ml and 400ml cartridges. The full range of Penloc adhesives are available from Eurobond Adhesives Ltd.

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