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Plastic Bonding

Eurobond EB7641LV Acrylic Plastic Bonding UV Adhesive

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Eurobond’s EB7641LV is a very high strength, low viscosity, exceptionally strong UV light curing, transparent adhesive ideally suited to bonding acrylic. With excellent capillary action up to 20mm typical applications include fabricating museum grade display cases, high quality POS, furniture, props for TV and film and high quality retail display cases. EB7641LV is a fantastic alternative, cleaner and easier method of bonding clear plastics than using solvents such as Tensol. EB7641LV will not craze or crack the acrylic. Solvent content adhesives will!!  There are huge benefits to using


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Eurobond’s  EB7641LV is the leading high strength acrylic plastic bonding UV adhesive. It has a very low viscosity making it an amazing ”wicking-in” adhesive when used on either butt or mitre joints. It can capillary up to 20mm underneath sawn cut acrylic, transforming a sawn edge into a perfectly clear bond line with no distortion and removing the need to flame polish edges as you would have to do if you use Tensol solvent. Its exceptional strength and clarity make it ideally suited for manufacturing museum grade display cases, high quality retail displays, acrylic props and furniture for TV and film. It is also widely used to make high quality point of sale items, trophies and awards.  EB7641LV is a fantastic alternative to solvent welding with products such as Tensol. EB7641LV will not craze or crack the acrylic. It cures in just a matter of seconds using the Eurobond UVH255 UV hand lamp. The adhesive can be cured in two stages. The initial tack cure is designed so that the fabricator can inspect the work piece for accuracy and alignment. If you’re happy re-apply the UV hand lamp for a few seconds to finish off the cure of the adhesive. If you’re not happy, simply pull the work piece apart, clean off the adhesive residue with Eurobond Surface Cleaning Wipes and start again. There is no waste or ruined acrylic, as there would be using Tensol solvent.

See for yourself. Call us to arrange a free no obligation demonstration at your site. EB7641LV is available in either 100g bottles or 1Ltr bottles.

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