How to use UV Adhesives & UV Light Systems

UV adhesives are ideal for high speed automated production processes and they can also be applied by hand, making them suitable for small scale production by craftsmen, artists or fabricators.

Features, Benefits & Applications

Cure cycles can be from 0.6 seconds up to 60 seconds depending on the application. The adhesive will remain completely inert and uncured until it is exposed to concentrated and direct UV light either 365nm or 405nm. UV adhesives are used in wide ranging and varied applications including manufacturing disposable medical devices, bonding or splicing fibre optic filaments or bundles, coating PCB’s, manufacturing display cases, point of sale items, trophies and awards, bonding glass, transparent plastics and in the manufacture of glass or acrylic furniture, making decorative artwork and so much more.

  • High Speed cure times
  • Cure on demand
  • Ideal for high speed production
  • Bond glass, plastics and some metals
  • Solvent free, no VOC’s and environmentally friendly
  • Many different viscosities to suit all applications

UV light systems can be as simple as an LED torch, laser pen or a hand/flood lamp. For high speed production processes, PLC interfaced UV light systems can be incorporated into automated production lines. Eurobond Adhesives have been at the forefront of delivering high performance UV adhesives for 35 years. We are the UK distributor for Vitralit® UV adhesives from Panacol Adhesives and also the UK distributor of UV lights systems from world leading German manufacturer Honle.

How To Use

Below is a video that helps to better understand the benefits of using UV adhesives and UV light systems, as well as explaining how to use them and potential applications for the adhesives.

Eurobond have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the last three decades helping businesses improve by introducing UV bonding into their production process.  We can help your business, large or small, to improve production, get a consistent quality finish and save time.

For more information or to discuss your specific application please contact us by calling 01789 773232 or email We look forward to working with you.

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