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How to use Penloc® 2-Part structural adhesive

  • Faster cure times – Handling strength in 3 to 5 minutes full cure 1 hour.
  • Will bond a wide range of different materials.
  • Very high strength.
  • Different viscosities to suit different applications.
  • Non Odour grade available.
  • Wide temperature resistance from -55°C to +180°C (refer to TDS).
  • Can be used ‘’bead on bead’’ without a mixer nozzle.
  • Probably the most trusted structural adhesive throughout Europe

Penloc® Is a fast curing 2-part structural adhesive, that will bond many dissimilar materials in just a matter of minutes. It is probably the most widely used and trusted structural adhesive throughout Europe. Penloc® can replace mechanical fixings such as screws, clips, rivets, nuts/bolts, welding or soldering and eliminate burn marks or indentations from welding, making it ideal for use on decorative metals such as brushed aluminium. Penloc® will bond most metals, plastics, glass, modern composites, carbon fibre, GRP, stone, gems, concrete, wood and much more in just about any combination. Typical tensile strengths of 276Kg/cm² have been achieved bonding steel samples.

Penloc® 1:1 is our standard ‘’Pink & Green’’ high performance grade. Penloc 1:1R is non odour making it ideal for interior work or site work. Penloc® RVT is the thicker version. Penloc® HP is high temperature grade ideal for powder coating metals after bonding. Penloc® VT Plus is a longer curing, thick viscosity adhesive with a high temperature range too. Penloc GTi Clear is a clear 2-part structural adhesive making it suitable for applications where the bond line should not be visible.

Penloc® is unique as it can be used direct from the cartridge without the need for a mixer nozzle when applying it as a bead. Ensure one component flows on top of the other direct from the cartridge. When the two substrates are clamped together the adhesive will further mix and cure. For critical bonding we would recommend using our unique Minimixer nozzle.

Penloc® has been ‘proven’ in the most harsh and most difficult industrial applications. It is available in either 12ml, 25ml, 50ml or 400ml cartridges or bulk containers.

If you want to improve your production process, get a consistent quality bond and save time watch the demonstration video. Alternatively call us on +44 (0)1795 427888 to discuss your application. We look forward to working with you.

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